Community Service In Jamaica

The most memorable part of my trips to Jamaica has been our visits to facilities that care for teen girls that have no family to provide for them. We made two trips (2008 & 2009) to The Windsor Home for Girls¬†in St. Ann’s Bay¬†before they closed. I was able to create portraits of the young women so they could see just how beautiful they are. We also gave each of the 60 residents colorful tote bags filled with pampering items (Lip gloss, lotion, earrings, hair clips, barrettes, toothbrushes, etc)

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In 2013 we visited the Granville Place of Safety in Trelawny. Because the girls are wards of the state, I was unable to give them portraits of themselves, but they requested a stereo system to be used for birthday parties and other events. We delivered it along with 50 tote bags filled with goodies for the teens.
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Next week (May 9th-16th) we will visit <a href=”!our-troop/c1k5m” target=”_blank”>The Father’s House</a> in Montego Bay. It is run by Embracing Orphans in Walla Walla Washington. The goal is to provide an environment to nurture the teens as they transition from being wards of the state into adulthood.
Part of that process is teaching the young women a trade. The Father’s House is hosting a Pamper Day Fundraiser to acquire funding to start a cosmetology program for the girls. I have been provided with there wish list of items needed for that event. it includes things like 100 pedicure slippers, 10 nail clippers, 10 bottles clear polish.

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<strong>We have 25 Backpacks donated by Rho Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. If you would like to help the girls by</strong>
<strong>1) Filling the back packs with gifts for the young ladies residing in the home</strong>
<strong>2) Provide items on their wish list to be used at their fundraiser</strong>
<strong>you may send your contribution via <a href=”” target=”_blank”>PayPal</a> to</strong>
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