• Leroys swimming




    Even the public Fisherman’s beach is basically private. Catch live music at Leroys

  • It does not get fresher than straight off the fishermen’s boat

    fish and boat

  • Martha RaftFloating down the river is sooooo relaxing

  • MV CropA Night On The Town

  • ThumbnailThe Jetty at Silver Sands is a lovely place to take a seat and enjoy the Caribbean breeze

  • Relax….It’s The Villa Life!

    Hey Mon! Welcome to The Villa Life. It is refreshingly different from a vacation in a hotel room.  When you are living the Villa Life, you rent an entire house or cottage complete with staff.  It is the way to vacation if you won’t your days to be on YOUR schedule instead of a resort or cruise ship’s schedule.

    The Villa Life 2015
    It’s time to go back  home, Mon! Join us for 7 nights in paradise May 11-18 2015. We have secured an unbelievable rate on a brand new villa. $695 per room for all 7 nights if we book the entire house. The rate is higher if we book fewer than all 7 bedrooms.  A $200 deposit plus 9 installments of $53 gets you in the crib.

    Talla Wha

    Choose between a room with one King size bed or four Twin size beds.  Cost is $695 per room, not per person so if you elect to have a room mate, in the King room cost  is $347.50.  If you elect to put 4 people in the Twin room cost is $173.75  per person.

    We are accepting reservations in the order in which $200 deposits are received.

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    The owner makes no refunds for cancellation, so if you back out, you will need to “sell” your room to someone else if you need to be reimbursed. Also, be aware that EVERYONE’s rate is affected if your room were to be cancelled, so it is REALLY important that if you sign up, that you honor your commitment to pay the full amount.  

    Chef Scotty
    Chef Scotty will spoil you rotten!

    A local travel agent has identified a group airfare of $599 per person. It would require a minimum of 10 people to book. In the event of cancellation, the name on the ticket can be changed to a new traveler if a replacement is found, however there are no refunds. $100 down payment per person would lock the fare down.

    Tallwa from sea
    The Caribbean Sea is just a few yards from home!

    Payments can be made as long as balance is paid in full by April 6th, 2015.  This is the fare currently but it is subject to change until deposit is made to lock it.

    The other costs groceries & any excursions you decide to do. We all pitch in on the Grocery Kitty. On the 2013 The Villa Life Trip we budgeted  25 per day….which was $175 per person for 3 meals per day. It was not all spent and the balance of the Grocery Kitty was divided equally & returned to each Villa Mate.  We then take the chef to the market and buy vittles for the week.

    Lobster Any One?

    Those that wanted lobster, pitched in $20 each to the lobster man in the morning when he would come with live lobster.  Also fresh fish is available right off the fisherman’s boats next door, which was purchased from the Grocery Kitty.  We don’t buy liquor out of the Grocery Kitty, so you will need to set aside cash for your cocktail fund, lol.

    We also need to bring a tip fund of 15-20% of your rental fee to tip the staff at the end of the week . I don’t think the owner pays them much if anything…they depend on the tips. And they really earn them! No one told us no for any thing. Stitch up Terrence’s gigantic swim trunks so the don’t fall off…no problem. Iron Mommy’s dress before she goes to the club…no worries.


    Dining Al Fresco

    This is not a traditional resort/hotel set up. It is a gated community of privately owned homes. This is great because the beach is private and you never have to get up a dawn to go claim your beach chair like at a crowded resort. Having a staff of 5 at your beck and Call is an amazing experience. Chef Scotty cooks what ever you want when you want it. Ms. Una makes the BEST key lime pie…..I called ahead last time so it was waiting for me when I arrived. They will even do your laundry…go home with a suitcase full of clean clothes.

    Check out the view from our Infinity Pool!

    The drawback is it is not located right in the tourist area, so when you want to do touristy things you have to hire a driver.  Sitting around the Villa or at the swimming beach can fill a LOT of time. I love floating on a boogie board, they have paddle boats too.  We had the Spa come to the house and give us massages under the coconut tree by the sea. You will find Spa Pricing in the “In Our Hood” section of this website. But if you are feeling adventurous, there is plenty to do. The horse stables are only 4 miles away. In addition to horses they offer bikes, kayaks and white water rafting. Check the Excursions section of this website for details.

    Our Great Room
    Our Great Room

    The villa is located in Duncans which is about 45 mins from Montego Bay. If you drive 45 mins in the other direction you will be in Ocho Rios. In Ocho, you will want to climb the Waterfall at Dunns River.
    Floating down the Martha Brae River is supposed to be romantic….but I went with the girls so it was just relaxing, lol.

    Our favorite “excursion” is visiting the teens at The Windsor Home for Girls. I take their portraits and we leave them with goodie tote bags filled with lip gloss, earrings, toothbrushes, hair bows, panties, feminine products, pens, pencils, candies, etc etc.
    If you look at the photos in “The Giving Back”  section you will see the bags we stuffed and some of the girls.

    Negril is about 2 and a half hours….makes a nice day trip. Ricks cafe is famous for the brotha’s jumping off the cliff