Bug Repellent

You don’t want to spend your vacation scratching and itching so please bring mosquito repellent of your choice.   In addition to mosquitoes, Jamaica also has sand fleas at the beach that are active at sunset, so remember to apply a generous dose to your feet and ankles if you are going to be out at dusk.

When sitting out at night burn a cone or mosquito coil to deter hungry visitors

Coleman makes Mosquito Coils
Apparently mosquitoes do not like the smell of vitamin B1. As a result there are several companies making Mosquitoe Patches that deliver thiamine to your system for 36 hours at a time.  They are waterproof which means you don’t have to re-apply each time you go swimming.

You can find these products whereever camping supplies are sold or order on line at websites like Amazon

Here is a short video:

Mosquito Patch