Water Shoes

On Gisele’s first trip to The Fisherman’s Beach (next door to Silver Sands), she, Terrence and Cousin Barbara had the misfortune of stepping in a bed of Sea Urchins.  These critters hang out in shallow water attached to rocks and coral.  The problem is their backs are covered in tiny spines that break off in your skin after you are punctured.

It was difficult to get the needles out of our feet

Cousin Barbara got the worst of it.  The locals told her she needed to “pee on it!”  When she returned home, she had to see a doctor to completely remove the spines and treat an infection.  As a result, we STRONGLY suggest that you invest in a pair of water shoes so that you do not have to be overly cautious of where you step when playing in the water.  You can find more information on treating a Sea Urchin puncture at eMedicine Health.

You can find water shoes in most drugstores in the summer for less than 10 bucks.  An ounce of prevention….blah blah blah.

(In 4 trips Gisele has never encountered sea urchins on the Silver Sands Swimming Beach….just at the Fisherman’s Beach next door to Silver Sands.)

But she always wears shoes anyway, lol