Montego Bay Shopper’s Delight

Montego Bay Shopper’s Delight Shuttle
Minimum 5 adults

Want to go Duty Free,Souvenir and/ Supermarket Shopping? Well then, we have just the shuttle for you.


Let us take you to the Holiday Village Craft and Duty Free Centre, then to the Mega Mart Supermarket in Catherine Hall Montego Bay.

US$27.00 per person







Jamaica’s vibrant craft scene is visible everywhere as you travel around the island, in a number of galleries, in craft markets, at the roadside, in hotel lobbies and gift shops. And even in your villa! Bold and colorful  paintings and abstract works are among local works that you can purchase for reasonable prices, and the fine arts scene appears to be very much alive. Some of the large resorts hold art exhibitions where paintings can also be purchased. Jamaican pottery also produces some colorful and distinctive ware. Wood carving is also popular. Top carvers use lignum vitae wood interesting because it is the world’s heaviest and most dense wood, but you will also find carvings in softer woods such as cedar or mahogany.